Udder Side Open 7 day a week

About Us

Formerly known as Jonesville Dairy Treats, the udder side became so in 2003 due to its relocation on the “udder side” of the street next to McDonald’s on US-12. 

Jonesville Dairy Treats was first opened in 1952. Current owners, Dave and Julie Bauer bought Jonesville Dairy Treats in 1990 marking 2019 their 30th summer of anniversary of ownership.

We’d like to say we’re the best ice cream venue in the area, as well as a pretty good place to get some mouthwatering fast food. But hey, why don’t you come try it for yourself?

Local residents of Jonesville Michigan line up for ice cream at the udder side every summer. We’re known for our unique cow creations like the Cowabunga - complete with hot fudge and pecans and topped off with whipped cream and a cherry, and the Happy Heifer - layers of vanilla and chocolate ice cream, hot fudge, marshmallow, Spanish peanuts topped off with wonderful whipped cream and a cherry on top!  

It is not unusual for a customer to be waited on by Dave or Julie themselves. Why, you may ask? Because they like to! You can expect us to serve you with a smile, your food to be hot, and your ice cream udder-ly delicious! A side of humor isn’t extra, either.

The udder side is open mid-February until the end of October so make a stop at our restaurant part of your summer plans!


The udder side is a very active community participant and helps sponsor local little league teams, host fundraisers, and help with important projects as the need arises. The owners are passionate about giving back to their community.


Those wishing to apply at the udder side must call or stop at the restaurant in February to give your name and number to the owners. Dave or Julie will contact you in March for an interview.